Photo of Farm Soledade - Aging

The cellar is located in farm, at an altitude of more than 900 m, where the relative humidity is similar to the interior of the existing Atlantic forest in its surroundings. The mountain altitude and pure air of the Atlantic forest form an ideal combination for the distillate to rest in mild temperatures, to preserve its quality and contribute to the complexity of flavors and aromas. The liquid for ageing is selected through sensorial and physical-chemical analysis before it is stored in the barrels and wood vats of Fazenda Soledade. During this period of rest, ranging from 01 to 03 years according to the wood used, the cachaça ages quietly while receiving the aromas and flavors distinct from each type of wood.

Photo of the farm Soledade - Winery


Photo of the farm Soledade - Jequitiba

This wood during the aging process enhances the original flavors of sugar cane. The Jequitibá adds fresh aromas, delicate and limpid flavors, with citrus and mineral notes.


Photo of the farm Soledade - Oak

This is a classic wood, traditionally used in aging noble spirits around the world, including whisky, cognac, bourbon and rum. Cachaça retains the aromas of vanilla and almonds that are typical of oak.


Photo of the farm Soledade - Ipe

Noble wood for ageing cachaça, it results in a soft and balanced cachaça, with flavors of spice, notes of tobacco and a retro taste soft and long.