Bi distillation

After being selected, each mono distilled batch is diluted with mountain water to be distilled in small batches in copper pot stills of Fazenda Soledade.

"Only the heart fraction is used in blends of Fazenda Soledade"

Photo of Farm Soledade - Interior Photo of Farm Soledade - Bidestilação table
The distillate and divided into three fractions:
Head Initial fraction rich in more volatile compounds and some very aggressive ones as aldehydes and methanol.
Heart Corresponds to the fraction more noble, balanced and rich in aromas.
Tail Corresponds to the fraction with heavier and unbalanced components.

"At Fazenda Soledade the distillation process is slow and artisanal producing in small batches."

Slow - to enable an adequate separation of the distillation fractions, by avoiding dragging undesirable compounds from the tail or head into the heart fraction.

Handmade - because essentially depends on the talent and human sensitivity. Distillation is accompanied by a professional who takes care of the controls and records every detail, the heating rate, the temperature of the reflux, the alcohol content, the temperature of the spirit and the most important: the sensory analysis that allows for the precise separation of the heart from the other fractions.

Small batches - each batch results in a unique spirit. The master distiller explores the sensorial wealth of each small batch to elaborate differentiated.